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Gentlemen and Ladies, Start Your Mash Tuns

The 2015 edition of Backwash is approaching the starting line. On Saturday, April 25 at Reno Aces Stadium the best home brewers in the region will toe the taps and start sharing their best ales, ciders, and barley wines as part of the first Reno Craft Beer Week. The only thing missing is you and your brewing prowess.

Backwash will again crown champions for People’s Choice and Brewers Choice , and new this year is a special exhibition category so professional brewers can participate too. The only cost to enter is your batch of beer!

Backwash supports the work of Project Great Outdoors a volunteer-driven organization which guides young men and women toward broader perspectives and self-discovery through adventures in the great outdoors.

You can download a hard copy of the rules and call for entries here!
Backwash CallForEntries

If you are an amateur and eligible for prizes, enter your brew(s) here.
Backwash is a celebration of home brewing at it’s best. There is not limitation on what or how you brew, but we hope you’ll enter something tasty that demonstrates your unique skill. Extract brews and kits won’t be disqualified or anything, but we hope you’ll keep with the spirit of the event and make something a little more exciting. If you work in the professional brewing world, you can’t enter the contest for prizes. But we hope you’ll brew and bring something special to share. Enter your creations  in the exhibition!

If you are a pro, and want to enter exhibition brews, enter here.
Many previous Backwash home brewers have turned pro, and we don’t want to leave them out. The fun and feedback are for everyone! So if you have professional brewing experience and want to share that experience and (better yet) your beer with contestants and attendees, enter an exhibition beer or two!

Rules Prizes and the Fine Print

First and foremost, this charity fundraiser is not a sanctioned BJCP event. We’re here to have fun, learn from one another, drink great beer and support Project Great Outdoors. If you’re super uptight about rules and stuff, this probably isn’t the contest for you.

The home-brew contest
To be considered for voting and be eligible for prizes described below, the home brewer must have no prior commercial experience, and beer must not be produced in a commercial brewery. There is no cost (beyond your cost of ingredients of course) to enter!

Grand Prize / Brewer’s Choice: You will work with the Brewmaster at The Silver Peak to produce your beer in a commercial quantity. You’ll get a keg of your own, of course, plus bragging rights, and the opportunity to show off your beer in November at Project GO’s “Best of Backwash” event.

People’s Choice Award. $500 in cold hard cash… and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing your beer was the crowd favorite.

Additional prizes by category and honorable mentions TBD.

Exhibition Beers (New for 2015!)
Commercial breweries or home brewers with prior commercial brewing experience are excluded from the home brew competition, and may not compete for the prizes above. However, they may still come and participate in Backwash.

Exhibition beers will be entered under a separate form on the website, and will be clearly distinguished from the homebrew contest beers.

Commercial participants will be encouraged to mingle with the home brewers and give feedback and just generally increase the level of beery goodness going on at Backwash 2015!

Conditions of Entry

  • Deadline for entries is 4/1/2015
  • Organizers reserve the right to close entries early if brew contest is full before this date.
  • Backwash event date is 4/25/2015
  • Contest is open to home brewers only. No one with commercial brewing experience, and no commercially produced beers will be accepted into consideration for prizes.
  • Exhibition Beers from commercial breweries or brewers with commercial experience will be accepted into the event to be shared and enjoyed by all partygoers and brewers.
  • Minimum submission is 5 gallons of beer per entry. No additional entry fees are required.
  • Beer recipes do not need to be submitted or disclosed, except in the case of the Brewer’s Choice winner.
  • All styles of beers and ciders are accepted.
  • Limit 75 brewers or 150 beers, whichever comes first
  • Entry to contest is not guaranteed: Space in the venue is limited and applicants will be screened based on their bios / brewing experience.
  • Submission of bios and experience is mandatory.
  • Individual brewers may submit more than beer entry, but contest organizers reserve right to reject multiple entries based on space and types of beers submitted (“too many IPAs”). -Each distinct entry must be at least 5 gallons.
  • Brewers must bring own pouring apparatus on night of party. There are no specifications for keg types or tap types, as no equipment will be furnished by the venue. Home bottled beers are also acceptable.
  • We’ll provide ice. Lots and lots of ice!
  • Entries will not be accepted early or stored by Backwash organizers or the venue. Brewers are responsible for transporting all beer to venue on day of event. Adequate arrangements will be made by even organizers for early access to venue for set up.
  • Each home brewer will be provided with equal space and table frontage to set up their pouring station and any signage or decoration that fits within that space.
  • Each Exhibition Beer will also be given space to set up and table frontage.
  • More information about “day of event” set up and logistics will be given to brewers with a successful entry into the contest.
  • Additional terms may apply. By entering, you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions, listed here or otherwise.

Brewer Perks (or… what’s in it for me?)

  • For each five gallon entry, one brewer and one brewer’s assistant or co-brewer will get free admission to the Project Great Outdoors Backwash Charity fundraiser party (two free admissions total). This is a strict limit. All other guests, regardless of their relationship to the brewer will pay for admission to this charity fundraiser event. All proceeds go directly to Project Great Outdoors, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps underprivileged youth.
  • Discount room rates at the El Dorado (quantities limited)
  • A 12×18 inch sign with the name of each brew, color coded by “style”
  • Reno Craft Beer Week “Backwash Edition” T-shirts for you and your assistant
  • Additional swag tbd. Previous entrants know we don’t skimp here.
  • The opportunity to give and receive feedback to and from professional and amateur brewers from all over the west coast.
  • You are supporting the charitable work of Project Great Outdoors.

The Judging

  • The $500.00 cash prize winner beer will be strictly a case of people’s choice. Whichever beer gets the most votes, wins.
  • Brewer’s choice award will go to the entry which get the most votes from other brewers. Brewer voting will be controlled and is not open to the general admission guests.
  • Each “Brewery” gets two brewer’s choice votes; 2 votes per brewery, NOT 2 votes per beer entry.
  • Brewers may NOT vote for their own beers in the Brewer’s Choice balloting (we don’t want a 75-way tie for first place).
  • The Silver Peak Brew Master reserves the right to alter the winning recipe to account for ingredient prices and beer marketability. This will be done in collaboration with the winning home brewer.
  • More details on voting procedures will be given to brewers who have successful entries to Backwash, 2015. Note, this is not a BJCP event.
  • Definition of beer style will be at brewer’s discretion, each entry will fall into one of the following six categories:
    • IPAs
    • Dark (porter, stout etc)
    • Pale (pils, blonde, hefe, pale etc)
    • Amber (red and brown)
    • Belgian / French
    • Other (Fruit, Spice, Cider)

Required Information for Entry Submission
We need this information to select contestants and entries, and to help us promote the event and prepare the event program.

  • Your name as you would like it to appear on the website. (Name and/or brewery name)
  • A brief biography
  • The name, style and brief description of each of your planned entries
  • Please attach a single, beer-related photograph of yourself or of your brewing operation.
  • You may provide a URL if you’d like a link to a personal blog or website.